We invite you to our studio to get a high-quality and flawless tan in the super-powerful solarium MegaSun TOWER PURE ENERGY!

There offer two types of subscriptions for this service as well as professional cosmetics and disposable devices for skin protection and a beautiful tan.

MegaSun TOWER PURE ENERGY is a vertical solarium that gives a gentle effect and a perfect tan for your skin. The oval shape of the inner surface of the MegaSun TOWER PURE ENERGY vertical solarium allows you to get tanned very fast in comparison to classical ones. Located in the lid of the solarium and the speed-controlled central air conditioner allows to create a comfortable temperature for the client inside the cabin. We pay special attention to the disinfection of surfaces before each tanning session.

Useful advices for you to know before visiting solarium

When choosing a solarium, it is necessary to take into account the duration of the tanning session. This is determined strictly individually, depending on your skin type. It is highly recommended to start your tanning course with the minimum session time recommended for your skin type and lamp settings. Gradually, the time of each session is increased by 1-3 minutes — no more! In general, a tanning session should not exceed 10-12 minutes. To maintain the effect obtained, it is enough to sunbathe 1-2 times a week. As a rule, you can get a good tan within 8-10 sessions. However, this number of sessions is only recommended if the skin responds normally to UV rays.

Be sure to use cosmetics for skin protection and better results (products that accelerate, stabilize and fix the result). When applied, you will get an intense, beautiful and long-lasting tan. In addition, your tan faster. Also, cosmetics for tanning in a solarium protects the skin.

We are waiting for you in the INNA BILA. You we definitely like our wonderful atmosphere and your luxurious tan.

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