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The INNA BILA brand was founded in 2013. Throughout these years, the company has been primarily focused on the beauty industry. Over 10 years of daily work with our guests, we have provided over 232,417 services. Inspired by feedback and requests from both men and women, we have created high-quality products that our clients have been searching for.


That’s the way in 2021 the first line of INNA BILA products was introduced to the world. The cosmetics we are presenting you now are manufactured in the heart of Greece — Athens. The unique formulas of our products have been developed in a factory where traditions, experience, and knowledge are passed down from generation to generation.


The ingredients of our products are exclusive components grown on sunny Greek islands. Among them are bananas from Crete, mastic — a healing resin from a special type of pistachio tree that grows only in 24 villages on the southern coast of the island of Chios, olive oil, which serves as the base for many other cosmetic components. Some product lines also feature rare ingredients such as amber oil, obtained by melting amber at high temperatures, and argan oil.


By choosing INNA BILA, you are choosing history, inspiration, and quality.

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