Laser hair removal

Motus AX

Laser hair removal on the alexandrite laser Deka Motus AX 2022 is a new generation hair removal, with a guarantee of results and painless procedure. This waist device works with different types of hair and does not cause skin irritation.

Absolute advantages of the Motus AX laser:

SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE — for any skin tone and hair color. The sapphire tip on the tip of the Moveo manipula allows you to transmit 93-100% of the laser energy directly to the center of the hair follicle, effectively destroying it. This significantly increases the efficiency and speed of hair removal.

YOU CAN TAN before and after the procedure — the recommended maximum interval between the procedure and sunbathing is only 3 days.

THE FASTEST EPILATION — treatment of a 10×10 cm area takes only 10-25 seconds, and therefore, the duration of the laser hair removal procedure for the armpit area is less than 1 minute!

EPILATION is suitable ABSOLUTELY FOR ALL AREAS OF THE BODY, including the most sensitive areas, such as the bikini, armpits, the area above the upper lip.

ABSOLUTELY SAFE and COMFORTABLE epilation — no overheating of the skin, no burns thanks to the cooling system in the Moveo handpiece. Only pleasant tactile sensations, thanks to a special nozzle. All

INNA BILA laser hair removal specialists are certified masters with medical education.

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