Today, there are many different ways to solve the problems of unwanted hair. INNA BILA studio provides waxing and sugaring services. Thousands of women around the world prefer depilation to shaving for the following reasons:

  • Such depilation is a safe way to get rid of unwanted hair without stubble for 2-4 weeks. (depending on the physiological characteristics of a person).
  • The absence of contraindications makes the technique available even for pregnant women. Nice prices for depilation.
  • The opportunity to use this service, even if you have diseases such as diabetes, varicose veins (in this case, you must notify the master).

Masters of depilation in INNA BILA are qualified and careful. Since there is the contact with the skin, and, correspondingly, with your health, we make sure that cosmetics and waxes are of high quality and safe. We prefer the following premium materials: Cera Depilatoria, Holiday, Depileve, Depilflax, Aravia.

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