Our INNA BILA girls are experienced professionals who will provide a beautiful and comfortable look for both men and women.

INNA BILA studio & shop offers the following stylist services:

  • Haircuts

Creating a perfect haircut, our stylists pay attention to your lifestyle, character and mood. All these little nuances will help you later change hairstyles, styling and image, whenever you want.

  • Hair coloring

INNA BILA stylists are proficient in a variety of coloring techniques, which allow you to qualitatively and without damage to your hair change color, tint, add a 3D effect and give your hair a natural shine. We offer all the hair dyeing services using only world’s famous hair brands.

  • Hairstyles and styling

Lately, most of our clients are choosing casual looks, following the latest trends. But we also appreciate the classics, so we are ready to bring any ideas to life, classics or creative. It’s up to you to choose.

  • Treatment, restoration and straightening of hair

Constantly finding the best new hair care products, we offer a wide variety of high-quality and effective treatments aimed at nourishing, restoring the structure and improving the appearance of your hair. Also INNA BILA girls will recommend you hair care for you in order to preserve and extend the result as long as possible.

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