Properly selected and modeled eyebrows shape makes the look expressive, facial features more clear, the look more stylish and fashionable.

Eyebrow correction from INNA BILA is a procedure that is performed at a high professional level for the perfect look and care of your eyebrows. We use special antiseptic products and eyebrow care gels that will relieve you of redness, swelling, discomfort and ensure color stability and care for your eyebrows. Coloring with professional dyes will allow you to forget about the daily drawing of the desired shape for two to three weeks. To prepare hair and skin, our masters use special scrubs and shampoos. The procedure of correction and coloring of eyebrows is fast and affordable, you will be pleased with the result for a long time.

During the procedure of coloring and correction of the eyebrows, you can pamper your skin around the eyes with caring patches for beauty and relaxation. By the way, you may get brows\lashes procedures simultaneously with manicure and pedicure thanks to our comfortable recliner chairs.

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