INNA BILA offers the following hairdressing courses:

  • Hairdressing complex course;
  • Master color expert program;
  • Haircuts expert;
  • Hairstyles expert;
  • Individual advanced training course.

The complex course of hairdressing includes 17 lessons on the topics as follows: haircuts (female / male), styling, basic coloring course, hair care procedures, communication with a client and selection of individual hair care products.

The course «Master color expert program» includes: coloristics, working with gray hair, air touch, balayage, getting out of the dark, highlighting, creating the perfect blond shades. The course is aimed at studying the basics of color and the ability to solve color tasks. We do not make you choose particular brand, but are happy to share with you the secrets of working with various hair color materials.

As a bonus, you will receive an additional session on the hair restoration methods.

Course duration: 9 lessons (2 theories and 7 practices with the highly qualified stylist with 15 years’ experience).

The course «Haircuts expert» includes:
  • Information about the selection of tools, features of working with tools and their desinfection;
  • techniques of classic women’s and men’s haircuts;
  • model haircuts;
  • styling.

You study using high quality cosmetics.

Course duration: 7 lessons (1 theory and 6 practices, 2 haircuts each).

The course «Hairstyles expert» includes weaving, evening and wedding hairstyles, creating perfect curls, classic styling, the latest trends and innovations in the hair industry.

  • Also we will teach you how to choose the right accessories;
  • we will tell you the secrets of working with various types of tools and cosmetics;
  • selection of bridal hairstyles.

Course duration: 3-5 lessons (up to your choice).

«Individual advanced training course» is held after prior agreement with the teacher of the Studio. You can choose the topics you want and schedule needed. The course is aimed at improving the qualification of an already working master. Time and payment for the course is discussed individually.

Course fees: upon request.

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